I want to help you share your expertise


generate a consistent income stream that helps your art business weather the uncertainty of the art market.

Are you ready for:

Classes that fill with students from all over the world
An easy clear roadmap to get your classes built & out there
Simple automation set so you don’t feel drained

Real money being made
During the pandemic, we saw an increase in successful online art classes. Even with the return of in-person workshops, artists are still teaching online. 

Why? Because:

  • Instructors can make as much and often more with an online version of an in-person workshop
  • Students can take more online classes for the cost of one in-person multiple-day workshops
  • Once you create the course content & videos, you can easily teach the course again live or have it available on demand
  • Online classes can help build your email list faster than in-person teaching 
  • Online art classes can be as effective as in-person 
  • You can teach from the comfort of your own studio



IDEA now!

Artists have been innovative in reimagining the online class experience.

Art Class Master

gives you the straightest path to get from idea to course launch.

Save time and money.

Learn how to create engaging hybrid (live and recorded video) courses.

Get the feedback and support you need.

Avoid overwhelm and in decision.

Take advantage of the digital workshop momentum and launch your online class now.

You don’t have to recreate the wheel. Art Class Master streamlines the course creation process, getting you quickly from idea to profitable course launch.


If it is discussed at all, there is no mention of:

  • Pricing
  • Marketing
  • How to fill your class 
  • Best teaching practices
  • How to teach online
  • How to build an email list

This can leave you feeling blindsided when the inevitable problems and challenges arise.

During Art Class Master, you will learn:

  • All the hacks
  • Teaching best practices
  • What tech is best for you
  • How to create courses that get results for your students & put money in your bank account.

Don’t worry; the preparation that you will do during the class can help you avoid some of the common issues like:

  • How to effectively teach to multiple skill levels in one class
  • How to teach to different learning styles 
  • How to generate additional income during your class
  • Working with challenging students

Draw upon my 20+ years of teaching experience during our twice monthly offer-hour sessions.



I address the unique issues of teaching creative classes in person and online. During this class, I mentor you through building your class and creating a marketing plan designed to grow a group of loyal followers who will want to take your classes and tell others about you.

"ACM is like a mini MBA for artists. It is chock-full of actionable information that I will be reviewing for at least the next year (from building an email list to creating sustainable social media strategies, developing curricula, and launching your actual program). It combines the best of group coaching and tailored, individual sessions, which, for me, were worth the price alone.

I can’t overstate how helpful it was to have Jen to turn to when planning and launching my new membership, Drawing Decoded. She is spectacular at understanding who you are as a person, artist, and educator and then encouraging and helping you create an enjoyable business that is specific to you. Instead of encouraging you to do what you think you ‘should’ be doing, she helps you identify what you would be best at and most enjoy and build a business around your strengths.

Jen is passionate, patient, and fun. There is always laughter as we work through the various mindset shifts that are necessary to build a thriving business that you love. (Mindset shifts we worked on include: Content marketing doesn’t have to be difficult! It can be fun, easy, and enjoyable.) Jen goes out of her way to support you, from making herself available for a pep talk to sending examples of launch emails.

I can’t recommend ACM enough!"

~ Marina Fridman

Lynn Goldstein

I am so grateful that I took Art Course Master with Jennifer Vigil. I think that Jen's superpower is listening to you as an individual and homing in on your strengths. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my teaching, but I knew that I wanted at least one more online course, and I was floundering around coming up with an idea of what to teach that excited me. Jen's guidance was worth its weight in gold and she is very generous with her ideas and her time. She didn't tell me what to do, but spurred me into thinking about what I could do with my accumulated knowledge and experience from my years as an artist and teacher. I am now excited about the possibilities regarding my direction.

~ Lynn Goldstein


During the course, I share my expertise and my experiences while guiding you step by step through the creation of your class. There will be ample time to ask questions during our live weekly class sessions which are recorded and available on demand afterward. Learn more.

Art Class Master Includes:

  • 3 60 -minute 1:1 calls with Jennifer
  • Twice monthly office hour calls
  • Group support
  • 3 month's subscription to the Artist Teacher Community
  • Lifetime access to the course (and all updates)
  • Handouts
  • A Resource library

Improve your classroom experience

During the course, you will learn:

  • Key points to effective teaching
  • Tips for teaching to multiple skill levels in the same class
  • Strategies for classroom management
  • How to connect with your students
  • To recognize and teach to different learning styles
  • How to effectively teach art online 
  • How to integrate apps to enhance student experience and learning

Grow Your Business

  • Develop a simple & effective marketing strategy using templates & worksheets from the resource library
  • Build a mailing list of loyal followers
  • Easily manage the business side of teaching (by taking advantage of the templates, handouts, and swipe files in the resource library)
  • Learn how to create compelling sales pages

Where are you at in the course creation journey?

Wherever you are in your art in your journey, you can benefit from the Art Class Master program.

This Mentoring Program is ideal for artists at Stages 1-4. 

The Art Teacher Community is perfect for Artists at stages 4-8

Are you teaching art classes online already?

Art Class Master can help you: 

  • Refine and package your course so it fills quickly and attracts your ideal students
  • Develop a list-building strategy. Create email opt-ins & tripwires (inexpensive mini-classes) that grow your list & gain the trust of your students
  • Create a winning curriculum that nurtures your students & keeps them growing as artists
  • Determine what upsells & add-ons to offer to increase your income while giving you more time in the studio

"Jen really opened my eyes to the possibilities of teaching online. She gets down to what a student is looking for, how to effectively market a class, and all aspects of the business. She was consistently looking for more opportunities and technology that would enhance the student/teaching/learning online environment. She really made me dig deep into the nitty gritty of what I had to offer and how that benefited the students. She focuses not only on the individual course offerings but also on the big picture and the long run. I would highly recommend working with Jen for those who are ready to take the plunge and commit to making a professional online teaching presence.”

~ Susan Stover

"I was somewhat lost during early Covid 19, and Jennifer Vigil helped me (and our group) find our way to a platform and a whole line-up of classes. She helped with everything--from the tech to pricing, from teaching online to marketing strategy, and everything in between. Jen made our business possible and profitable!

I never thought I would like teaching this hybrid way, making videos of demos and on Zoom, but I do. The class participants love it too--everyone has "the best seat in the house" and classes are recorded so they can review classes if they have to miss. I have a huge return rate, so they must be happy."

~ Paula Roland

Want to learn how this program can benefit you?

The Art Class Master is:

1: 1 Mentoring & coaching

The biggest growth in my business came from direct coaching.

3 Coaching calls with Jennifer


A weekly action plan that keeps you focused and on track so you don’t lose momentum.

My Proven Method

Take advantage of my 20+ years of teaching experience.

90 days

Nail your niche, identify your teaching superpower, & develop your course. Together we can bring your class to life in 90 days.

The Art Class Master System

3 Stage 9 step process are Your Path to Success


1. Nurture your email list & prime them for your course

2. Determine & leverage your teaching superpower

3. Create your compelling course


4. Choose your platform & tech

5. Structure course for effective teaching

6. Pricing for profitability: get clear on your course's value


7. Create your marketing plan

8. Surveys that lead to powerful testimonials

9. Develop automated systems that save time & help you grow your art teaching business

Let’s build your class!

Want to know how you can add a consistent income stream?

Looking for more information?

Contact me at [email protected]

About Jennifer

Jennifer C. Vigil has a doctorate in Art History from the University of Iowa specializing in 20th and 21st-century American art with an emphasis on intersectionality. Her research focuses on contemporary Native American art examining issues of sovereignty, self-determination, appropriation, identity politics, and cultural theory.

She has been in the trenches teaching for over 20 years. From a very early age, she began reflecting on what makes an effective teacher (perhaps it was because of her third-grade teacher, Sister Edwardina's soul-crushing teaching style with an emphasis on public shaming). She draws on her experience as an artist, art historian, curator, and mentor as she helps art instructors more effectively and profitably teach art online.

She has been supporting artists for over 20 years working with and mentoring MFA art students, helping them bring to life their ideas in powerful work that makes an impact. She understands the importance of thoughtful, constructive, critical, and specific feedback in the nurturing process of artists. She understands the profound effect supportive yet challenging creativity mentoring can have on the development of an individual’s creative potential.