Connection, knowledge, and support

The free 2°Art Community is a place where you can…

  • connect with other artists
  • learn about how to create a sustainable, profitable, and successful art business
  • Find inspiration for your work
  • Discover opportunities to collaborate with other artists
  • Find information about grants, residencies, exhibitions, and other opportunities

Have you ever heard about 6 degrees of separation…

the idea that we are 6 people away from anyone on the planet?

The 2°Art community emerged from the idea that…

• Growth

• Support

• Opportunities

• Success 

...come from leveraging 2 degrees of separation, meaning friends of friends.

We built the 2° Art Community for you...

Because of this, we wanted to create a space centered around you. Offering connection and support for free. Inside the 2°Art Community, discover the Artist Launchpad–an Intersection of resources, advice, and a place to meet, network, and collaborate with other artists.

Make friends, share resources, get inspired.

For teaching artists wanting to stay on track and grow their teaching business, the subscription community the Art Teacher Community offers quarterly themes and monthly focus challenges.

In the 2°Art Community, we believe in the power of abundance. We believe there are more than enough resources, opportunities, and ideas to go around, and when we work together, these all multiply exponentially.

Together, we leverage our skills and knowledge by sharing resources, information, and opportunities, anwering questions, and cheering each other on so we all grow creatively while building our art businesses.

In the 2° Art Community, we harness the power of our networks to support each other in reaching our goals.

ALL those artists with dream art careers you are yearning for, don’t do it alone (and I don’t either).

They have help and leverage their networks to make it all happen. It could be freelancers who manage their websites or full or part-time virtual or studio assistants.

And you don’t need to go it alone either. That is why we created the 2°Art Community. And I say we here because I didn’t do this alone either. My team is integral in launching this community, managing my social media and marketing, getting online classes done, supporting my coaching clients, managing projects, my podcast, and more so that I have time in my studio.

I get it.

It is daunting thinking about how to find help.

No worries, we got you.

Inside the Artist Launch Pad, find our list of contractors to help you with your art business.